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Kyla + Lana

Wanaka Wedding Video - Elopement Feature Film

23 . 01 . 17 - Coromandel Peak, Wanaka, NZ

Wanaka wedding video! 


Lana + Kyla's wedding video really began when we first spoke to them over the phone. We instantly liked them & their sense of humour and as we got to know their story and love for Wanaka we had endless ideas for their film. We started with a couples interview that would provide the backbone to the film and we learnt about their Jager inspired first kiss right through to their most recent news together - they're having a baby! Come the wedding day, these two were endless fun and the surprise finish was amazing with a musician down on Lake Wanaka to serenade them for their first dance as wife and wife! It was conveniently located next to a swing which was a beautiful photo-op once they'd got us to stop playing on it!


Highlight of the day: Just when we thought the shoot was over, Lana and Kyla decided they fancied a swim and waded straight into Lake Wanaka for a water fight and a cuddle! Amazing finish to a truly special day!




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