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David + Amie

Queenstown Wedding Video - Elopement Short Story

18 . 11 . 16 - The Ledge - Cecil Peak, Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown wedding video! 


David + Amie have been together since they were 17 and cancelled their big wedding back home in the UK to take a road trip around New Zealand and have a wedding on top of a mountain in Queenstown instead. What a plan! They wanted a wedding video to tell this story to friends and family back home and show off their amazing day that took them to the top of Cecil Peak with Heli Weddings. They then finished the day with a trip to Lake Hayes and Arrowtown to soak in some local scenery and get stranded in the middle of a river! Check it out...


Highlight of the day: We think everyone had a bit of fun driving these two across the famous gold bearing Arrow river, to give them their own private Island for wee while, while we flew a drone around them and captured some pretty epic shots! 




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