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Chris + Kylie

Queenstown Wedding Video - Elopement Short Story

27 . 04 . 16 - The Ledge + The Remarkables, Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown wedding video! 


Chris and Kylie eloped from Australia and planned a spectacular mountain top elopement with Mountain Weddings taking in not one but two Queenstown peaks! Right from the moment we walked in the door we were laughing and the fun kept going until we waved them goodbye. Their quirky sense of humour and sense of adventure was a joy to be a part of and the amazing anticrepuscular rays when we arrived on top of the Remarkables in the helicopter was an awesome sight to top off a truly incredible day!


Highlight of the day: Really cool idea to bring their family 'with them' to their elopement in the form of huge photos which they then proceeded to throw around the place in the beautiful autumnal surrounds of the Hilton. 

What did Chris + Kylie think?





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