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Kevin + Jill

Wanaka Wedding Video - Elopement Feature Film

21 . 04 . 16 - Coromandel Peak

Wanaka wedding video! 


Jill + Kevin wanted a wedding video to capture all the fun they had planned for their dream destination wedding in Wanaka, NZ. So we created a Feature Wedding Film to help them remember this day forever! After travelling around NZ and spending time in Queenstown, they settled on Wanaka as their wedding destination and booked a mindblowing package with NZ Heli Weddings. This took them to the top of Coromandel Peak in Wanaka for the wedding ceremony and what a backdrop that was for a wedding video!


Highlight of the day: Definitely the interview! Their honesty with one another was heartwarming and, at times, brutally hilarious. It made the perfect story for the film and left us all laughing uncontrollably on the day!

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Frederick Larsson (Heli Weddings)


Wedding Video:  

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Edgewater Lake Wanaka



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Make-up Artist

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