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Guy + Sarah

Queenstown Wedding Photography - Full Day Wedding

30 . 01 . 16 - The Winehouse

Queenstown Wedding Photography!

Guy + Sarah approached us to put together a photography only package to cover their entire day in a natural and beautiful way. They were both former locals of Queenstown but having recently relocated to Perth, they wanted to capture all the amazing scenery of their former home in their private wedding shoot. We spent a while with both of them whittling down all the possible locations to the three stunning spots that we chose: Skippers Canyon, Coronet Peak & Speargrass Flats.


We covered an emotional first look on one of the amazing ridgelines in the canyon right through to their first dance and the day was filled with laughter, drinks and sun (lots of sun - we were both a little burnt the next day!)


Highlight of the day: It's a tough toss up between 2 great moments. The schoolboy excitement on Guy's face as he waited nervously for Sarah to reach him at the very end of the ridge so he could turn around and see his future wife. Or, their amazing first dance together to 'Mrs Robinson' (approriate as this is exactly who she'd just become) which all went a bit pear shaped!

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Wedding Photography:

Shotover Wedding Films



The Winehouse






Jill Wilkinson Fuller



The Flower Room



Cup & Cake Queenstown



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