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Ashleigh + Daniel

Queenstown Wedding Video - Full Day Wedding Feature Film

26 . 04 . 19 - Stoneridge Estate + Bayonet Peak

Queenstown wedding video! 


When Ashleigh + Daniel told us they were coming all the way from the Cayman Islands to celebrate their wedding in Queenstown with friends and family from all over the world we knew it was going to be amazing! They tied the knot in front of all their loved ones, including their little boy Jed, in the gardens at Stoneridge Estate before a private helicopter took them to the top of Bayonet Peak for a dramatic, windblown sunset photoshoot. 

Highlight of the Day: Watching the Queenstown sky put on a display for Ashleigh and Daniels' photoshoot at Bayonet Peak. 

What did they think of their wedding video?





Rich Bayley


Wedding Video:  

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Stoneridge Estate


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