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Carlo + Shirene

Queenstown - Full Day Wedding Video + Photography -Feature Film

22 . 11 . 15 - Walter Peak Station

Queenstown Wedding Video + Photography!


Carlo + Shirene are from Phillippines and Singapore respectively, but they're locals just like us now. And, just like us, they wanted to show off exactly what makes Queenstown so amazing to their family and friends!. Sadly not everyone could make it to the wedding, so they approached us to create a 'love-letter' to Queenstown and to their lives here through a feature film and photography of their wedding day.


With such a big video in mind as well as photography we enlisted the help of one of our reliable partners - the hugely talented Esther Small.


They were both lovers of HDR (high dynamic range) photography and asked us to tailor their images towards wow factor in the editing. We added some extra wow factor by booking a once in lifetime helicopter trip up to Cecil Peak for a private shoot!


We loved Carlo + Shirene from our first meeting with them and consider them good friends now! They were hilarious, down to earth and super organised which made our job easy, really.


Highlight of the day: Pete hanging out of a helicopter in a harness to film James conducting a photoshoot up on Cecil Peak!

What did Carlo + Shirene think? Click here...





Shotover Wedding Films

The Moment Addict - Photography by Esther Small


Wedding Video:  

Shotover Wedding Films


Venue + Catering:

Walter Peak Station (Real Journeys)



Kathryn Ormond



Heli Glenorchy


Additional Transport & Operations:

Real Journeys (TSS Earnslaw)




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